Win 1 Year Free Minecraft Hosting If You Tell Us Why You Love Minecraft!

Do you love MineCraft?

If YES read more..



We have teamed up with Picklehosting to offer you an unmissable giveaway. Three lucky winners will win 1 Year free minecraft hosting!

About PickleHosting was founded in Early 2012 by Chris Vanek. Since then the company has evolved from a single game, game server hosting business to a large multiple online service providing company for both voice, game and web hosting services!

Picklehosting’s servers are located all around the world: US – Dallas, North America – Canada, Europe – Italy and Australia, Sydney.

They provide 24×7 LiveChat and Email support to all our clients with our support staff located all around the world.

The Prizes

Three lucky winners will get 1 Year of FREE Minecraft Hosting.

Sheep Package with 2048  MB Ram recommended for 35 players.

  • 1 Free Sub-Domain for Re-Directions
  • Full FTP Access & MultiCraft Panel via Browser
  • Any server location (USA, EU or AUS)
  • Also – Suitable for Vanilla, CraftBukkit & Spigo

minecraft hosting

How to Enter

For your chance to win a year’s subscription to PickleHosting’s “Sheep” package, just do both of the following:

Step 1. Share this giveaway with your friends.

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Step 2. Add a comment below, telling us why you love Minecraft.



  • Winners will be chosen randomly using
  • Winners will have 48 hours to respond to email notification – if no response, another winners will be chosen .
  • The prizes will be issued in the form of coupons codes.

This promotion ended. However you can  find Pickle Hosting Coupon codes here.

25 thoughts on “Win 1 Year Free Minecraft Hosting If You Tell Us Why You Love Minecraft!

  1. Jimmy

    This game is awesome, dude .I like it because is a game soo colourful,with lots of options and full of unseen creatures and funny animals.When you play with another guys is more fun than alone because you can plan something to do.In minecraft you can create what you want,there are no limits.

  2. Nico Nick

    I love because is the best game u can build what you whant kill monsters mine…also mods you can’t rob cars but i don’t care Minecraft is the best game ever

  3. Camy - UHC

    I love minecraft because it is much different then other games it is a gathering game but at the same time it’s not a Grindy game it has a pvp side but it’s not all that try hard gaming it’s adventure but there is more then just traveling it is the whole package plus it doesn’t make my computer lag!

  4. Morgan

    Hi I love minecraft because you can make what ever you put your mind too and I love redstone so its really fun just doing anything twitter is @mighty2000mouse

  5. Paladin5000

    I love / like Minecraft beacause is an infinite game whit infinite posibilities … In this game you can put in practice what is in your minde , whit friends or alone or whit everyone… This game is made by BLOKS , Block are life here and this block make every thing easy for everyone Young – Old peopeles. You can make in this game a great Roleplay , you can be a woodcutter , miner , everything , and on a server whit good plugins The Minecraft become more funny and awsomee!

  6. MisteriX

    I love minecraft because it doesnt have a specific goal, it doesnt end, you can do whatever you want whenever you want.

  7. Joshua

    This is so cool i love pickle hosting i hope i get the server i love that there doing this and whats the best about the picklehosting server is that the help very good my rate for this company is 5/5

  8. JustAmcDude

    I love minecraft because it doesnt have a specific goal, it doesnt end, you can do whatever you want whenever you want.You can use the game’s resources to express your creativity.If the game doesnt have something you’d like, you can always make a mod or search the community for one already made
    This is why i love minecraft

    1. admin Post author

      Before this contest ends, please complete Step 1. Otherwise you aren’t eligible. Also mention here on what social netowrk you shared this page and your username.

  9. Dora

    This is the game I like most. It helps me relax, but at the same time stimulates and improve my creativity, perspicacity, ingenuity and skills at the same time. My native language is not English but now I’m in England. After a few months since I started playing Minecraft I noticed that I know much more English than before and I did not even tried to learn! If your native language is not English, this game helps a lot to learn words. This game helps you learn to do circuits, structures and houses. Even can help in architecture, built your sketches and you can look at them from all angles! There are so many ways that you can build, there are so many things to discover and do and that’s the most beautiful thing in this game. Never get bored! Also help you face reality, things are harder than they seem and you have to work hard if you want to succeed. This game also tests your patience, it takes something to accomplish one thing if you want to get it right. And you learn that if you hurry to do something most likely go wrong. At the same time this game helps you to be more orderly, as if you want to find something fast, you have to be organized. Once you start to play this game, it’s less likely going to stop. There are many people who play this game and so you can share ideas and solutions, you can get help if you need and help the others and also to enjoy the game with others. I have not found another game like this and I do not think you will find. I love to play it whenever I have time for that. When you play Minecraft like you’re like in a parallel universe and you forget everyday problems. And this is why I LOVE MINECRAFT!!!! (P.S. I’m sorry if my English isn’t totally correct)

  10. DamnedSky

    Minecraft expands your creativity brain rate allowing u to build everything u can imagine.Its even funnyer playing with your friends.

  11. Adrian

    Great game !Playing this game is the best method to forget about your everyday problems for a while . facebook adrian.matei.100

    1. Chris

      Hi Kevin!

      We’d love to get in contact with you about forming a partnership possibly to provide you with the services you would require for your educational program using minecraft!

      Please get in contact with us at chris [at] picklehosting [dot] com


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