ProtonVPN coupon codes

ProtonVPN Coupon Codes

Currently we have ProtonVPN coupons, promo codes and deals valid for September 2023. Latest verified ProtonVPN coupon code gives .

Valid ProtonVPN Coupon Codes & Deals for September 2023:

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How to use a ProtonVPN Coupon Code?

  1. Click “Get Coupon” and a new window with the selected coupon will be displayed. Press “Copy” and your coupon will be automatically copied to your clipboard. Click Open site and you’ll be redirected to ProtonVPN website.
  2. Click Get ProtonVPN Now.
  3. On order form page select a billing cycle. You can select from 1 Month or 1 Year billing cycle. Select the 1 Year billing cycle since it offers the best value.
  4. Enter your  information. You need to enter your username, email address and password. ( if you don’t have a protonmail account).
  5. In “coupon” field paste the protonvpn coupon code you have copied from CouponSwift.
    Select a payment method. IPVanish accepts two payment methods. You can pay using your Credit Card or using Paypal.
    Complete order.

About ProtonVPN

For anyone who wants secure and private browsing, a VPN is what they want as they access the internet. Therefore, for anyone needing a virtual private network or as the commonly known, VPNs, ProtonVPN is the best in the industry.

The emphasis of ProtonVPN is security, which entails the VPN sending one’s internet traffic through encoded VPN tunnel thus passwords remaining safe and confidential even when connected to a public network. In addition to that, it ensures the browsing history is secure and private not issuing user activity to any third parties. Finally, having worked with journalists and activists, ProtonVPN ensures hurdles of internet censorship are by-passed thereby one can access any content or website.

Most VPN providers have their servers under surveillance. However, ProtonVPN ensures its security isn’t compromised by initially transmitting user traffic through its Secure Core network found in Switzerland and Iceland, two privacy-friendly countries. It guarantees in case ones VPN endpoint gets compromised, the user’s actual IP address won’t be relieved.
Perfect Forward Secrecy. ProtonVPN ensures one’s user data cannot be taken and decrypted later in future in case of an encryption key getting compromised. It provides this is made possible through the use of exclusive user ciphers with Perfect Word Secrecy.

ProtonVPN has its headquarters based in Switzerland, a country that boasts having one of the world’s most stringent privacy laws. Furthermore, Switzerland is not within the jurisdiction of the US and EU thereby not a member of the fourteen eyes surveillance network.

No Logs. Not having a login to access the VPN service, ProtonVPN ensures it does not track or keep a record of an individual’s internet activity. As a result, the company will not be in a position to reveal the information to third parties.
Tor over VPN. ProtonVPN also combines with the Tor anonymity network. Therefore, with a single push of a button, it enables one to route all their traffic through the Tor network and have access to Onion sites.

Internet Security for Everyone
ProtonVPN goal is ensuring that everyone has access to online privacy. It has achieved this by making advanced security technology it uses easy to use and available for free.
Free VPN. ProtonVPN provides a free version to the public since they believe privacy and security are vital human rights. It also has no catches and doesn’t secretly sell individual browsing history or serving ads. Paid users of ProtonVPN enable access to subsidized ProtonVPN Free, and if in need of online support privacy, an upgrade to the paid plan would be ideal as it offers faster speed and more features.

Ease of Use. Great security tools in the world protect you if correctly and continuously used. However, ProtonVPN has ensured its interface is simplified such that you can stay connected, protected everyday stress-free.

Fast VPN speeds. Deployment of high-end servers with high bandwidth ensures that users experience fast speed connections. Therefore, while connected to ProtonVPN, you can carry one streaming music, browsing the web and viewing videos at fast speed.
Multi-platform support. ProtonVPN is available on all devices, PC, mobile, MAcOS or even one’s router. Secure internet browsing is vital on your day to day activities be it at home, on the road or at the office. Moreover, it works on macOS, Windows, and Android through their application.


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25% Off ProtonVPN VPN Plans (Basic & Plus)

Save 25% when you order any Basic or Plus VPN plan from ProtonVPN and make use of this discount coupon code. This promo code can be used for Monthly and Yearly billing cycles. Limited time discount.

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