What you should know about Shared Hosting

what you should know about shared hosting
For most people looking for web hosting, the best option is shared hosting.  This type of hosting has many advantages and the higher one is the cost.
It is much cheaper compared to host your site on a VPS or dedicated server.
You can find a hosting plan that fits your needs, even if it’s for a personal site or for a small or medium business.

Shared hosting is also good for hosting companies. They can host tens or even hundreds of websites on a single server. This means less maintenance and repair for them, which means cheap hosting for you.  Before choosing to host your site on a shared hosting plan ensure that your hosting company uses the latest generation servers with high processing power.  Your host should be able to grow with your needs and to support enlargement and congestion of your site.

Find a host with 24×7 phone number (not just email) and call before signing the contract to evaluate the quality of support.

One thing you must be sure, if the web hosting company you decided to go with uses their own servers and is not a reseller for another company.
Resellers are not always the best choice because they are intermediaries, and when a problem arises and you have to contact them, in return they contact the real host. This will take more time to fix your issues. In addition resellers have no real control over the server.

Anyway it’s a great idea to make a backup of your site at least weekly. In case something unexpected happens you are on the safe side.
For example: the server where your site is hosted may crash or sometimes if the worst scenario your hosting company goes bankrupt.

Always make sure that you have full control over your domain name, this way in case something happens you can easily move your site to another host.
Another fact about shared hosting is that other sites are hosted on the same server, all sites share the same IP address and use the same server resources. Usually companies that provide shared hosting supervise how many resources each user can use.
It may happen that your site suffers when other websites hosted on the same server as yours use more resources than allocated. If the web hosting company does not take the necessary measures in time then your site may suffer backdown time for minutes or even hours.

Overall shared hosting is a good solution to start with but support offered makes a difference between a good shared hosting and a bad one

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