5 Reasons Why you Should Use Images on Homepage

You, on behalf of your business, make numerous, high-stakes decisions and take a wide variety of decisive actions. From the creation of your company products to managing the designers and deliverers of those products, your business is run with the goal of building and creating a brand and generating revenue. In all this complexity, various aspects can be overlooked and one that often becomes lost in the fray is the homepage images. It may come as a shock to the owners of a traditional business, but these simple and common assets can determine the perception on your brand, improve your conversion, and influence the decisions of your customers in unexpected and important ways.


They Influence the Immediate Impression of Your Customer

It may seem cliche’ but the expression “that you only get one chance to make a first impression” is one that becomes even more critical in today’s rapidly expanding and increasing image-based society. To put it in perspective, think of anytime that you have purchased an item online. You probably visited a web page of the product you desire and then made what could be considered in all likelihood a snappy decision regarding, trustworthiness, quality, dependability, and other factors too numerous to name here. In that few brief moments of analysis, you have very likely made a judgment without regard to the carefully and painstakingly worded text and product list of features.

Pictures and images ensure that the company’s products make a favorable first impression in a few seconds of viewing. Encumbered and rushed minds are more likely to consider and process visual items before written text because to read requires additional effort.. Additionally the setting, angle, quality, subject, and clarity all convey a type of mood or impression. In presenting attractive and intriguing of people using your products, or simply the products themselves, you are much more able and likely to capture the fickle customer attention and make a favorable impression that locks in further research and investigation into your product; this is no small victory in the constantly shifting world of internet imaging.

They Dictate the Experience the User Has

Previously stated, online shoppers are weary and wary creatures, constantly attacked and assaulted by attention grabbing gimmicks and unwanted solicitations. In the online shopping scenario, visual items command the attention of the shopper in an immediate way due to their ability to convey a large quantity of information much more efficiently and certainly much more quickly then text alone.
In this manner, visual are more friendly on the eyes of the viewer, acknowledging the modern plight of the online individual and offering a way to handle the interaction that is best for both parties. Visuals are simple in planning and easy to grasp -they are easy on the mental digestion. In the presentation of pictures as visuals., business’ provide a more user friendly internet experience as well as being able to control the perception created in the opening presentation. This effective duo of serviceability and communication will lead to a better brand perception that will have bearing on future sales and create more engagement opportunities for your business and your customers.

They Indicate a Design Structure

The market altering products of the apple corporate have had one characteristic inherent in all: design. The sophisticated combination of functionality, intuitiveness, and visual appeal has enabled many of their products to the head of the market, demonstrating that the modern buyer of goods loves a design that sticks with you. If it is open acknowledgment or the subconscious appreciation may not always be determined, but what is certain that effective campaigns have a design structure in place through all their brand product interactions.
With such a concerted and dedicated attention to image trends, maintaining a current and trend-aware design is of utmost importance to your brand’s image, and large-format pictures are a part of that criteria. If the pictures on your page are poor, pixilated images people will notice and assume that your company lacks the dedication to produce a high quality product or give first class service. High-quality pictures, conversely, inspire buyer confidence, provide a more pleasurable and catering to more sophisticated tastes.

Images Setup Expectations

Unless your company has a significant market share already, it is usually a safe bet to assume that a customer who has never been to your website before has no knowledge of the specifics of your product. With this uncertainty there is a great deal of trepidation, which will quickly dissuade a purchase if a comprehensive understanding of your product’s performance, functionality, price and overall value is not conveyed immediately.
Images help close the gap between the uncertainty and comfort in the buying decision by establishing in a quick and decisive manner the viewers expectation. A picture of a business oriented setting suggests that your product boosts productivity and communication in a context of professionalism. A picture of a house creates the understanding that your product is for consumers and is used in homes. While it is often a challenging task to pick the perfect picture to convey all the subtle nuances of your product, doing so quickly alleviates the burden of the uncertainty of the unknown that the customer would experience and guide them further down the path of conversion.

The Facilitate Conversion

While all of these factors are important in and of themselves, the end result is conversion. A powerful first impression keeps shoppers around while a simple to use website gives a more pleasurable browsing experience. Good web design inspires the confidence you company seeks from your customer base and accurate product presentation helps to convey the message underlying your brand and improve the rate of conversion. Ultimately, images you use on your web page are far more than just mere decoration; they are the tools and strategies used to bring new potential customers to the fold, creating and continually generating revenue along with enhancing brand perception in sophisticated and far-reaching ways.
From the design of a product to the pitch to the customer, everything about your company is engineered for successful generation of revenue. Your website should be given the same kind of attention and respect with attractive and powerful images and turn a one-time customer into a loyal customer. Do not underestimate the incredible value of a well placed visual and the benefits of aesthetic assets that can turn your homepage into a conversion powerhouse.

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