Managed WordPress Hosting – The perfect fit ?

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

For a business to succeed in this modern world of the internet, having an efficiently run website is of utmost importance. A well maintained online presence can take the business to the next level and ensures that the business grows from strength to strength. Maintaining the internet security issues and content on the website is incredibly complicated and time consuming task. In order to make the task easy, hiring the services of a managed WordPress hosting from the Devio website is always beneficial. It helps the website owner in maintaining the online presence and providing the best services to its customers at reasonable prices.

With the help of WordPress hosting, a business owner gets the comfortable experience, and can concentrate on the proper running of the business. For a small business owner or for a high traffic website, managed WordPress hosting is the best solution. For various themes and other forms of help regarding marketing and web design you can click on and contact MangoMatter.

Advantages of managed WordPress hosting

  • Website Speed: The speed of the website is one of the major notable features in the WordPress site. The loading time of the website has a direct correlation with the conversion rate of the new visitor into the permanent customer. It also affects the search engine rankings. WordPress hosting use the content delivery networks to maintain the speed of the site.
  • Superb and Reliable security: As the platform of WordPress hosting is created and managed by the professionals with a complete understanding of firewalls, it is very much secure. It helps in protecting the site from any malware attack and ensures the continuous working of the website and easily accessible to the users.
  • Good uptime: It ensures no unscheduled downtimes and guarantees with a 99.9% uptime. The users can enjoy the unlimited storage space, even at the peak times when the resources run low.
  • Professional and timely support: The staff of the providers of WordPress web hosting ensures that their client gets the best round the clock technical support. It aims at resolving the issue of the client within minimum time. As the technical team focuses only on the managed WordPress web hosting so there are many chances of getting the best web solution.
  • Automatic and Regular updates: With managed WordPress hosting, the user doesn’t have to be anxious about the updates, as managed WordPress web hosting do it automatically and on a frequent basis. So the business owners have enough time to concentrate on other aspects of the business.
  • Backups on a daily basis: The robust backup service available through managed WordPress hosting is bound to restore the system back to the working order, if something unfortunate happens to the website. To prevent the loss of the web content, the service of nightly WordPress backup is provided by managed WordPress hosting.

Disadvantages of Managed WordPress hosting

Though there are many advantages of Managed WordPress web hosting, but still there is always two sides of the coin and same is the case with the WordPress  website hosting. Here are some of the common disadvantages of managed WordPress hosting.

  • High price: Managed WordPress hosting is considerably more expensive as compared to other share hosting. It is the main drawback of managed WordPress hosting.
  • Limitation: Managed WordPress hosting is limited to only WordPress websites.
  • Less control: The user does not have the full control of the website as most of the technical things are managed by the management service providers.

managed wordpress hosting

Win 1 Year Free Minecraft Hosting If You Tell Us Why You Love Minecraft!

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Picklehosting’s servers are located all around the world: US – Dallas, North America – Canada, Europe – Italy and Australia, Sydney.

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The Fastest and Most SEO friendly WordPress Theme

If you are serious about blogging and running a website, you probably know how important yet hard it is to rank on Google. Not all websites are created equal and some rank better than others.

Today, Mythemeshop are giving you a chance to blow your competitors out of the water by having an ultra SEO friendly website that’s elegant yet simple, advanced yet user-friendly and loads so fast that your users (and Google) will love you for it. Many of their other services revolve around selling backlinks and guest posts that also greatly improve the SEO.

You already know how important on-site SEO is. You also know that Google considers the loading time of a website as a major ranking factor in its algorithms. That’s why we created Schema – a theme so good, your competitors will wish they had bought it before you.

Schema is not only the best SEO friendly them we have ever built, it is also the fastest loading one. Handwritten with quality code, and keeping best practices in mind, it has a built in review system and comes pre-configured with rich snippet support.


Click here to purchase Schema for $9 now

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Here are few of the main features that make this theme a best buy:

SEO Features

  • Secure, Lightweight Code
  • Easily Accessible Content
  • Fast Site Load Times (camparison with popular themes)
  • SEO Friendly Design and Code
  • Google Algorithm Friendliness
  • Clearly Identifiable Content and Media
  • Pages That Keep Users Reading
  • Builds Trust and Security in Google’s Eyes
  • Built-in Reviews
  • Social Media Voting Functionality
  • Rich Snippets

Design Features

  • Shortcodes
  • All Google Fonts
  • Responsiveness
  • HTML5 and CSS3 Markup


  • Demo Data Included
  • Easy Import
  • Ad Management
  • Translation Ready
  • Options Panel
  • Custom CSS Section

But, Why Should I Care?

Because with Schema, you can achieve:

  • Higher Ad Earnings
  • More Pageviews
  • Higher Search Rankings
  • Improved User Experience
  • Cross-Browser and Device Compatibility
  • More Social Media Shares

What’s more is that for the next 48 hours, you can have it for $9. After that, we will permanently increase the price to $35.

How to Get the Most Out Of Social Media Marketing

3 Things To Know about How to Get the Most Out Of Social Media Marketing

You know that the audience is readily found on the social media sites, but you simply do not know how to get the most benefit out of your marketing campaign. The good thing is that it need not be very hard if you know what you are about, and if you know how to use the different sites to your advantage.

Do your research carefully

It is important to note that not every social media platform will be good for your business. For example, Twitter is great when you are launching a new product or service into the market. You can use it to post short tweets about the features of your product and get immediate response. How should you post the most effective tweets on this micro blogging platform? How many characters are most appropriate? This is a lesson for another day. Remember, you will be connecting with millions of people across different platforms and therefore it is vital to use wording that is easy to remember.

Facebook can be used to exchange comments with your fans. Creating a page is free and you can interact with your fans at the most appropriate times. It may be a bit harder to mange as compared to twitter, but the good thing is that you will know immediately what your fans think about your new product or service and if there is any disgruntled person, you can address their complaint right there.

Instagram is used for businesses that appeal to the sense of sight. It is mostly about pictures and therefore if you are in the fashion, cake and cookery industries, this is where you will want to post your images.

Youtube in today’s world is considered as the best platform for marketing a product or a service due to its boundless reaching capabilities. I feel so stupid for not using The Marketing Heaven services earlier as since my friend referred me to the company and I contacted them about hiring their services, my business sales report is off the charts.

LinkedIn is widely regarded as a gentle giant, maybe because it is not as widely known as its two counterparts twitter and Facebook, yet at the same time, this network cannot be ignored. It is not that it is not well known, it is only that it is targeted at professionals mostly. Professionals know LinkedIn very well. At some point in your business, you will need to hire additional members of staff. You can get such easily on LinkedIn.

Social media marketing is not free

The notion out there is that social media marketing is free of charge and this is quite wrong because that is not the case. Just because signup is free, it does not mean that you will attain much success if you do not want to pay for the promotion of your products and services. Besides, the saying goes that… “If it is not free, then it is not worth having”. Somehow, you will not invest as much energy on a free platform as you would on a paid one. When you pay for your ad on Facebook for example, it will be promoted to reach many more fans. Be ready to pay, you will not regret the investment. Buy Reddit downvotes for competing posts in addition to the upvotes that you get for yours.

Be ready to market 24/7

This is where most people miss the mark. Social media marketing is not a regular job, because it must run 27/7, everyday. Most of the people that you will be targeting will be online during the off hours. Be ready to keep some odd hours during your social media marketing campaign.


Tips for Social Media Reputation Management

Social media is taking over from the mainstream media for marketing and connecting with customers. The main aim of ay company today is to provide the best customer service to any customer, which is why companies are taking an extra effort towards visiting sites like and reading all the ways through which they can improve their customer response team. Today, it is no longer an avenue for small local businesses, but even the big corporate use it to market their products. The most common social media avenues today include

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Blogging sites
  • YouTube

On social media, be prepared for praises, raves and rants, varying opinions, constructive and negative criticism. There will be genuine customers with genuine concerns. However, there is also a malicious lot that hides behind the veil of social media. This lot’s main agenda is to taint your brand.

Let social media be a blessing not a curse to your brand

A social media company could make or break your product or service in a matter of minutes. Look at it this way; practically everyone including your customsocial-mediaers is on social media and this means that a couple of good or bad reviews could see your business rise through the ranks or fall terribly. There is no greater task than trying to repair a tainted perception and reputation. It is the business owner’s responsibility to guard and protect the image of their brand and company.

No matter how appealing your brand is, there will always be a negative post, tweet or comment occasionally. However, how you react or handle the situation solely depends on you and this can prove to be a blessing or a curse to your brand and your company’s image.

Always remember that not every complaint spells doom. Actually, some negative posts on social media are a blessing in disguise. Use this opportunity to give your customer immediate and satisfactory assistance. Once this is sorted out, the customer could turn out to be your number one fan and spread the word around. Again, all this depends on how you handle the complaint.

Here are a few tips to help you construct and manage negative reputation on social media:

  • Genuine concerns? Own up, take the blame

Avoid being defensive over genuine concerns. Fix the complaint and follow up with the customer. Besides, defensiveness only creates more attention and unwanted drama, which could turn out to be your brand’s worst nightmare.

  • Respond to complaints immediately

Slow feedback and response is unprofessional and this is a sure loophole to negative reputation faster than a slow feedback. Avoid buying time and face the concerns head-on. Make a point of doing a personal follow up.

  • Handle this as if your personal reputation is under question

You know the way you would spring into action once someone tries to taint your reputation, the same passion and enthusiasm should be applied when protecting the reputation of your brand. Avoid taking matters lightly.

Unless the client deliberately takes down the post, do not pressure them to do so. This is unprofessional. Instead, be kind and address their concerns effectively and immediately. They might take the post down, or appreciate your effort on the same post and this could be a win-win situation for you.

  • Don’t be petty or personal

As much as it is important to tackle every complaint as if you were defending your own reputation, always remember that there is a very thin line between being proactive and petty. Have your limits by identifying what is worth your time and what is not. For instance, you have no business countering malicious posts from competitors and other simpletons. This will only drain your energy for no good reason.

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How to Manage Multiple WordPress Websites

The task of managing multiple WordPress websites is quite tedious and challenging. Without object-oriented structures in place, managing WordPress can prove to be overwhelming. Websites require constant updating of plug-ins and themes in addition to undertaking other assignments such as moderating comments. Naturally, this requires constant swapping between various websites as well as log in and out. This is naturally time-consuming but with the various services, managing these websites is doable and effectively too.

Thankfully, various services have been designed to make it less complicated to manage a number of WordPress sites without hitches. The services include:

1.CMS Commander

CMS commander is one of the most robust multiple WordPress websites management because it not only manages different sites but also ensures that you do not have to worry about links such as premiums add-ons that might put you at loggerheads with your clients. Another outstanding feature of the CMS commander is the fact that it comes with an in-built platform that makes it easier to manage bulk content.


Save Time On Your Daily Management Tasks. In CMS Commander dashboard you have all your sites in easy reach and can control them in bulk with only a few clicks.

In summary, here are the features that a webmaster can expect from CMS Commander:

  • Cloning and restoration for websites
  • Single clicks updates for themes
  • Auto content and bulk contents
  • Analytics integration and uptime monitoring for websites
  • Automatic backups for WordPress

2. InfiniteWP

This service is loved by many webmasters as it proactively manages a handful of websites.
Paying the whole sum fee for the plugins might initially come across as expensive but if you compare this to what others offer at a monthly fee, you will realize that the plugins
are actually cheaper.


InfiniteWP is a self-hosted, freely-available multiple WordPress management platform that simplifies your WordPress management tasks into a simple click of a button.

The good news is that if you do not need to use the plugins, you could opt for the free
version, which can handle unlimited sites, and allow you to login to all of them at the same
time. If you have any unutilized domain or sub domain, you can go ahead and incorporate
the php application in a subfolder in your preferred site. This service is supported by the
back-up plugin, the schedule plugin, the clone and optimizes plugin.
In addition, the infinite WP gives users the option to include as many
add-ons as they possibly can.

3.  ManageWP

This software allows you to create a dashboard for your various websites at no extra cost.
Unlike the Infinite WP, this service makes it easier for you to install plugins and themes
without necessarily hosting various premium features on an ftp server.
In addition, the ManageWP does not demand for an ftp address for each website
that you run.

ManageWP  is very secure because all operations running on your site have a worker plugin,
which ensures that all your sites maintain their privacy and security.
In addition, the Manage WP does not hold any classified information of your website.


ManageWP is a tool for managing multiple WordPress websites from one dashboard with many cool features like scheduled backups, clone, migration and scheduled backups.

Some clients find it better to integrate the ManageWP with the Infinite WP
because both services enhance the overall performance.
The ManageWP addresses most of the issues that other services have been reluctant to
address and has an unlimited offer.
Naturally, this service comes with a higher pricing structure than the InfiniteWP for
those running multiple sites.
The ManageWP  is therefore ideal if you are only running a few websites.

4. iControlWP

This service has a dozen of features. For instance, the main dashboard allows you to carry
on manual updates and filter the comments. Some of the features of this service include
a malware scanner, instant backups, automated update and bulk operations for each
This service is supportive, it provides your websites with protection, and the total
monitoring that each one of them deserves.
The best part about this service is that it can support any and as many hosting providers
as you wish regardless of geographical location.


Securely Manage All Your WordPress Sites from one powerful control panel. Update, optimise, secure, and backup all your WordPress sites from 1 place.

Unlike the other WP services, the iControl WP does not run public support forums. In addition, iCWP allows you to sign up for a free trial and have as many of your questions answered by the experts.

5. WP Remote

This software has stable configuration options at a very affordable price. In addition, the service allows you to create backups in each website. This service allows you to run different projects while offering you solutions to manage different websites effectively.


WP Remote allows you to monitor and manage your WordPress sites from a single, easy to use dashboard. Features include updates, backups and audit logging

6. WP Pipeline

WP Pipeline is a plugin that allows you to manage and control various websites. It has unique features that give you the ability to categorize some websites into various sections, user administration, and backups as well as automated updating. Unfortunately, this service does not fully give satisfactory assistance, as it does not have the option of testing the plugin.


6 Steps You Should Use to Optimize Images on Your WebSite

Images play an important role in the structure of a website. The images are the first components that attract attention, when visiting a website. Depending on the way you include images on a website, will determine on how it is treated by the search engines. Relevant content is essential for rank. Calesence Digital specialists can develop a fully customized SEO strategy for a client based on a website audit. This way your business will be seen by the people who are searching for it.

You should consider the following steps to optimize the images on your site:

1. Check Image license

Before you begin the process by which you make images more appealing to search engines, you should  have to have a little time to check if you have proper licenses for images that you want to use them.

Do not simply copy an image that you find on the internet, verify where it comes and if you have the right to use it. If you aren’t doing this, some day you can wake up with an email in which you are asked to remove the picture from the site because another person owns the rights to that picture. You do not want such events that disrupt your business. On the other hand, effective ranking service will optimize your business.

Instead you use open source images from sources like pixabay, openphoto, or can buy images from websites that offer images. This way so you won’t have to worry about the problems caused by unlicensed images. Fore more information where to find free images online read searchenginejournal post.

2. Use sharp Images

Nothing is more unpleasant when you visit a site than an unclear image or you can see the pixels because it was not resized properly. Any well-built website should contain only high-quality images to attract.

3. Re-size your Images

After you find the right images, take some time to re-size them to the size at which will be posted on your site.


To reduce the loading time of your website.  Loading time of a page is important for both visitors and for SEO performances. Sites with big pictures use more resources, because loads heavier than websites that have pictures optimized for size of site.

To re-size your images you can use programs such as Photoshop, Gimp or online services like picresize.

4. Compress your Images

After you re-size the images, the next step would be to compress them.
Both image size and the amount of information it contains, determine the resources needed to load. After compressing the site it will load much faster.

5. Name your Images

After the previous optimization steps, the time has come to add targeted keywords for search engine optimization (SEO) by giving a name to your image.
For example if you have a website where you sell beach products, when you upload your image don’t use original name  (IMG2337. jpg), replaces that name with what it pictured (ex. sunglasses . jpg, umbrella. jpg, etc.). When you name your images, search engines will understand more easily what that picture is all about and it will be beneficial for SEO.

6. Add TITLE tags and ALT to your Images

In addition to optimizing the pictures names in section above, you can integrate the TITLE and ALT tags, but please keep in mind that their purpose is to assist search engines and visitors. They must contain words that describe or represent the content of the uploaded picture. If the pictures posted do not load for various reasons will display the ALT tag description.

Although it is important to optimize your images should not exaggerate with the addition of too many words that are repeated because it can draw penalties from search engines. Things should be done naturally in order not to detect traces of optimization.

Tool for optimizing Images is a free service from Yahoo that removes unnecessary bytes from image files, without having to change their appearance and their quality.

website images

Is Your Site Safe Enough?

Common Sense Stuff for Website Protection

Are you a webmaster or you own a site? Well, chances are that you don’t think much about your site security. However, did you know that 90 percent of people whose sites have been hacked did not even know that they were hacked? This was confirmed by a study carried out by ZDNet.

These numbers are indeed very scary for you because when your site security is not foolproof, then you not only put yourself at risk but your customers as well. Their details will definitely land in the wrong hands, ultimately exposing them to the risk of identity theft. After that … who knows what will happen? Of course, it will not be very pleasant.

It does not matter whether you have experienced such a case before or not because a serious security breach can leave you struggling to rise up again. This is not only in the lost details, but recovering your reputation again, starting to win the trust of the customers all over again can be very disconcerting, and it will be too much work. You really don’t want that to happen. Most often, the breach is so big that you cannot recover again.

A very dire picture there indeed, but you know what? It need not happen because there are many ways for you to keep safe. You can do several things that will keep you ahead of the malicious hackers. Remember, vigilance is advised because online, you can never be too careful.

website security

website security

Steps for absolute security for your website

1. The very first thing that you ought to do is to find the best security software. Here, you will want to avoid the freebies because as they say, if it is free, it is most probably not worth having! Paid-for security software will give you real time vigilance and perform scans all the time. They have inbuilt actions that will take care of any anomalies detected.

2. You need to ensure proper management for your passwords. This preventive measure will keep you safe for many days. For example, you need to keep changing your passwords after every so long. The reason for this is that sometimes, malicious people will deploy spyware that can monitor the keystrokes as you enter your passwords and before you know it, you will have been hacked, that is, if you ever know it.

Make complex, yet easy to remember passwords. For example, avoid passwords that have letters only, your names, your family members’ names or your date of birth. Such are easy to guess. If you are smart, you will want to mix numbers, letters, punctuation marks into one password, making it very hard for anyone to guess. Ensure that all authorized people know who should modify or create new passwords.

3. So much for being secure… the last piece of advice is that you need a plan for crisis ready just in case a security breach does occur. First, identify all people who will be involved in the response to crisis, then create a good step-by-step plan that covers what you will do internally and externally to take care of the security problems. Let everyone who will be involved in the response plan have this guide.

You now know how to guard against a security breach for your site. Implement these tips today … its better to be safe than sorry, isn’t it?


Can You Rely On Social Media For Traffic To Your Site?

If you know how to do it, the answer is yes, you can get some good traffic to your website from the social media. However, for that to happen, you will have to take care of a few things. That should not be too hard if you have been around for sometime. Here are a few tips that you should consider when you want traffic from the social media:

Know your audience

It starts with the audience if you would like them to follow you on twitter or like your page on Facebook or even follow you on LinkedIn. You see, if you post uninteresting comments on any social media platform, you will be wasting time.
Research carefully, follow other people on your niche so that you can know what topics are trending on your niche, what most people are talking about all the time so that you can dig in and get some quality traffic. Remember, people will only be interested if what you have to offer tickles them. It is your duty to find out what is trending.
It is important to ask questions such as:

  • What does the audience want?
  • What topics could be interesting to them?
  • How would they love the content delivered?
  • Where does majority of the audience come from so that you can use words and language relevant to them.

Get the right people

This is very important, especially for Twitter. When you start thinking that it is all about the numbers only, then you start thinking wrong. You need the right followers, that is, people who are interested in what you post. On facebook, you will know whether you have interested people when they share and like your posts, or when they comment on them. On twitter, you will know that you have the right followers if they re-tweet your texts.
Where can you find such people? Well, on many platforms. For example, you can get such people from referrals by others, from blogs and from other blogs when you guest

Learn how to engage the people

Engage the people who show interest in your social media postings, tweets and comments. Hold a conversation with them, ask them questions, let them know that there is a person behind that computer. Let them feel engaged on a one on one basis. Know how to solicit feedback from people. That way, your following will increase.
If you have a blog, make sure that you post relevant content, well written, fresh and great for people to find something to come back for all the time. Once you have hyped so much about something on your Facebook page, you want to send people to your blog or website so that they can find valuable information. Make sure that everything stays that way.

Time your activity

You need to know how to time your social media activity, especially because not everyone is online at the same time. When it is day in your city, in another city, it is dark. Therefore, you will need to know how to time your social media activity so that you can get to as many people as possible.

Tips for Choosing a Good Web Hosting Company

webhostingMore than a decade ago, I bought my first web-hosting package. Over the following years, I have bought several. First, I would buy haphazardly, without really knowing what I wanted until I perfected my trade. It has been a learning experience for me and so I decided to share a few tips that I have used over the years. Although you have seen these tips before, there is nothing wrong with you reading them again and I am sure they are going to guide you to purchasing some good hosting packages without consuming too much of your time.

Assess your needs

It is important to have your needs in mind while selecting a web-hosting package. Having a running site is one thing but having one that works for you is quite another. If you want to host a blog, online business site, videos or any other complex content, you must find a hosting package that is large enough to store massive amounts of data. Some operations will also require a greater bandwidth. How much you are willing to spend on the hosting exercise will govern your choice too. Different web hosting packages retail at varying prices depending on the features and complexity. However, do not be so rigid on your budget for the most important thing is to secure a package that will meet your needs.

Determine the reliability of your web hosting provider – follow guidelines below

Ensure that the service provider you hire has the right skill and excellent customer care. Researching about them beforehand will prevent you from entrusting your investment to quacks. First, they should have a telephone contact through which you can contact them anytime. The phone must not necessarily be accessible for 24 hours but at least it should be open during business hours. A toll free phone service will portray the provider’s willingness to improve their customer’s website hosting experience.
In addition, they must have a support desk. This is essential when you have queries about your hosting plan. You should understand the time they take to respond to such questions. Ideally, the support should be on for 24/7 without failure or delays. It might seem irrelevant to take a look at the website. The way it is presented will tell you whether they will provide excellent service delivery to maintain their reputation.
A good provider will mind their client’s privacy and protection. Therefore, ensure that they can offer you good terms of service, privacy policy and acceptable use policy. It is best to read more here and understand the contents of each of them before making any choice. In their terms of service, make sure that they have an uptime guarantee and money back guarantee. Lastly, ensure that they have a variety of payment options such as credit cards and PayPal among other viable alternatives.

Narrow down to four or five web hosting providers

Using the above guidelines, assess whether any of the four or five matches your needs. It is important to do some research on the providers. To get the most promising provider ensure that you;

  • Gather information any relevant bit of information on the host.
  • Do a comparison of the components of the hosting packages that the providers on your list provide. Also, remember to compare prices as they will vary among the companies even for similar web hosting packages.
  • Never hesitate to ask for clarification on anything that you might not understand. You can use the phone, email or their support desk.
  • Do not ignore the testimonials of their previous customers as this will give you a clear picture on the quality of their services.
  • Perform a test on one of their customer’s site to check its loading speed.
  • When you have ensured that all those things are intact, choose your plan and sign up.

There are numerous web hosting companies in the market today. You will be spoilt for choice once you want to choose a web host. Nevertheless, not all of them will give you high quality hosting packages. The above guidelines might not be comprehensive enough but they will help you in selecting a host service that will provide you high quality service and save you the agony of moving from one provider to the other all the time. I have been purchasing web hosting and servers for a couple of years but I am yet to encounter a provider who runs away in the middle of the transaction. You too can enjoy great services if you adhere to the discussed guidelines, as you make your choice.

5 Reasons Why you Should Use Images on Homepage

You, on behalf of your business, make numerous, high-stakes decisions and take a wide variety of decisive actions. From the creation of your company products to managing the designers and deliverers of those products, your business is run with the goal of building and creating a brand and generating revenue. In all this complexity, various aspects can be overlooked and one that often becomes lost in the fray is the homepage images. It may come as a shock to the owners of a traditional business, but these simple and common assets can determine the perception on your brand, improve your conversion, and influence the decisions of your customers in unexpected and important ways.


They Influence the Immediate Impression of Your Customer

It may seem cliche’ but the expression “that you only get one chance to make a first impression” is one that becomes even more critical in today’s rapidly expanding and increasing image-based society. To put it in perspective, think of anytime that you have purchased an item online. You probably visited a web page of the product you desire and then made what could be considered in all likelihood a snappy decision regarding, trustworthiness, quality, dependability, and other factors too numerous to name here. In that few brief moments of analysis, you have very likely made a judgment without regard to the carefully and painstakingly worded text and product list of features.

Pictures and images ensure that the company’s products make a favorable first impression in a few seconds of viewing. Encumbered and rushed minds are more likely to consider and process visual items before written text because to read requires additional effort.. Additionally the setting, angle, quality, subject, and clarity all convey a type of mood or impression. In presenting attractive and intriguing of people using your products, or simply the products themselves, you are much more able and likely to capture the fickle customer attention and make a favorable impression that locks in further research and investigation into your product; this is no small victory in the constantly shifting world of internet imaging.

They Dictate the Experience the User Has

Previously stated, online shoppers are weary and wary creatures, constantly attacked and assaulted by attention grabbing gimmicks and unwanted solicitations. In the online shopping scenario, visual items command the attention of the shopper in an immediate way due to their ability to convey a large quantity of information much more efficiently and certainly much more quickly then text alone.
In this manner, visual are more friendly on the eyes of the viewer, acknowledging the modern plight of the online individual and offering a way to handle the interaction that is best for both parties. Visuals are simple in planning and easy to grasp -they are easy on the mental digestion. In the presentation of pictures as visuals., business’ provide a more user friendly internet experience as well as being able to control the perception created in the opening presentation. This effective duo of serviceability and communication will lead to a better brand perception that will have bearing on future sales and create more engagement opportunities for your business and your customers.

They Indicate a Design Structure

The market altering products of the apple corporate have had one characteristic inherent in all: design. The sophisticated combination of functionality, intuitiveness, and visual appeal has enabled many of their products to the head of the market, demonstrating that the modern buyer of goods loves a design that sticks with you. If it is open acknowledgment or the subconscious appreciation may not always be determined, but what is certain that effective campaigns have a design structure in place through all their brand product interactions.
With such a concerted and dedicated attention to image trends, maintaining a current and trend-aware design is of utmost importance to your brand’s image, and large-format pictures are a part of that criteria. If the pictures on your page are poor, pixilated images people will notice and assume that your company lacks the dedication to produce a high quality product or give first class service. High-quality pictures, conversely, inspire buyer confidence, provide a more pleasurable and catering to more sophisticated tastes.

Images Setup Expectations

Unless your company has a significant market share already, it is usually a safe bet to assume that a customer who has never been to your website before has no knowledge of the specifics of your product. With this uncertainty there is a great deal of trepidation, which will quickly dissuade a purchase if a comprehensive understanding of your product’s performance, functionality, price and overall value is not conveyed immediately.
Images help close the gap between the uncertainty and comfort in the buying decision by establishing in a quick and decisive manner the viewers expectation. A picture of a business oriented setting suggests that your product boosts productivity and communication in a context of professionalism. A picture of a house creates the understanding that your product is for consumers and is used in homes. While it is often a challenging task to pick the perfect picture to convey all the subtle nuances of your product, doing so quickly alleviates the burden of the uncertainty of the unknown that the customer would experience and guide them further down the path of conversion.

The Facilitate Conversion

While all of these factors are important in and of themselves, the end result is conversion. A powerful first impression keeps shoppers around while a simple to use website gives a more pleasurable browsing experience. Good web design inspires the confidence you company seeks from your customer base and accurate product presentation helps to convey the message underlying your brand and improve the rate of conversion. Ultimately, images you use on your web page are far more than just mere decoration; they are the tools and strategies used to bring new potential customers to the fold, creating and continually generating revenue along with enhancing brand perception in sophisticated and far-reaching ways.
From the design of a product to the pitch to the customer, everything about your company is engineered for successful generation of revenue. Your website should be given the same kind of attention and respect with attractive and powerful images and turn a one-time customer into a loyal customer. Do not underestimate the incredible value of a well placed visual and the benefits of aesthetic assets that can turn your homepage into a conversion powerhouse.

What Applications Work Best with Hosted Desktops?

A Hosted Desktop solution can be used to deploy any application or combination of applications a business may need. Deploying applications on a Hosted Desktop increases their accessibility, security, and centralization.

hosted desktop

hosted desktop

Here are some of the most popular applications that run on Hosted Desktops:

  • Microsoft Office. When Microsoft Office is deployed on a Hosted Desktop, users can access Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, and Publisher from anywhere; can switch between the Office programs with ease; and can easily exchange files with their colleagues. Any version of Microsoft Office can be installed on our Hosted Desktops, including the Home, Standard, and Professional editions of Microsoft Office 2013.
  • QuickBooks and Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree Accounting). Accountants use applications such as QuickBooks and Sage 50 to perform a wide variety of tasks, including checking the status of transactions, writing off invoices, and input data. By deploying their financial software on a Hosted Desktop solution, accountants can access their important files and data from anywhere: their home office, a client’s office, or even from home.
  • Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint. The centralized nature and security of a Hosted Desktop make them a better way to deploy Exchange and SharePoint than a locally-installed version of the software. Additionally, the applications that are required to open and edit all of the file types that are shared on these platforms are compatible with our Hosted Desktops as well.

A reliable Hosted Desktop provider is LunarPages. If a Hosted Desktop is the solution your business needs, than you you can sign up with Lunarpages and use a coupon to get a 15% discount.

How to Speed up your Internet Connection for a better Gaming Experience

What do online gamers hate the most when playing?

Angry-video-game-player-via-Shutterstock-615x345Is it:

  • A. Better Skilled Opponents?
  • B. Unfair Micro transaction policies?
  • C. Forgetting to pay the Subscription fee ?
  • D. Lag?

The Answer is D. Lag.
The other answers are not necessarily things that gamers are not truly annoyed at. But any gamer can outlast a better skilled opponent, Micro transactions can be handled by a bits of extra cash while a forgetting to pay the subscription fee might just be a wake up call for your game addiction, or you just might be irresponsible.

But Lag is something not a lot of gamers have control of, Lag can be caused by other gamers in the server, too much people using your bandwidth or simply not enough bandwidth. The thing with Lag is that it isn’t within a gamer’s grasp to control, which is a concept that is rather hard for any gamer to accept since they spend their time controlling one or even millions of characters for the sake of entertainment or maybe better human development.
Lag can also be caused by bad servicing from the servers of the game itself, which can sometimes cause a player to drop the game completely.

But how do Players avoid lag?
Well some do acquire dedicated internet routers for their gaming experiences only. Others shut off other programs or prevent other people from accessing their internet connection. Akin to shutting off programs, other gamers would stop downloads, updates and of course disconnect their smart phones. In short a gamer will do a lot to avoid lag. The term “Lag Kills” actually has a literal meaning, since Lag can get you killed in any online game.

But the above mentioned solutions to avoiding lag can be somewhat troublesome, costly or might not even help at all. These solutions are rather situational. So how can a gamer best avoid such a predicament?

Through a VPN of course. A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which functions as an imitation or an extension of the internet. A VPN works by using a number of separate servers that are all connected through the internet, one such provider of this service is IPVanish VPN.

While it is definitely designed for employee networking, school networking, gamers can also use the VPN services of IPVanish  as a way to improve gaming speed.
IPVanish allows this by consolidating bandwidth into a dedicated set of servers and connecting it to the internet. Your data is considered safe in these passages as it keeps the settings of the extended network. When gaming, IPVanish  will not only protect your network from cheaters or hackers but of course improve speed. An improved internet connection would definitely give you an edge over other gamers. Speed is everything, as while they suffer a millisecond or even more of lag you’re already training that modified ACOG M4 down the throat of your unsuspecting opponent who is still cursing at the fact his gun is still aimed at the grass.

Very few people know that IPVanish offers great deals and IPVanish coupons to attract more customers to their business.

5 Dedicated Server Benefits

dedicated server benefitsThere are a lot of businesses that are now using the Web to store important data and manage their business systems. These businesses often use dedicated servers to ensure that there data is safely secured. From this post will learn about 5 dedicated server benefits.

Why use a dedicated server?

You can easily create your own webpage immediately, but storing all of the data you need to keep your site running will be difficult. You will need a server that can hold large amounts of data whether it is for storing information about your customers or for the number of people who can visit your website. To be able to store large amounts of data you will need a dedicated server. This type of server can hold large amounts of data that can help you run your online business or play all of the games that you want with no lag.

Using this kind of server allows you to store more data. You will have fewer restrictions when it comes to adding programs and systems on your website. You can add shopping carts, online databases about your customers, the prices of the items or services that you are selling, and other systems that you think is needed for your online business.

What are the dedicated server benefits?

You can get a lot of benefits from using a dedicated server. Using a dedicated server for your business or own use is the best decision that you can make. Here are some of the benefits you can get from using this type of network:

  1. With this type of system, you can run your online business smoothly. A dedicated server enables you to run multiple programs and install all kinds of systems with little to no lag. You will need the large storage space to make sure that nothing goes wrong when your customers shop at your online store. Dedicated servers enable you to install all of the programs you need to make your site customer friendly.
  2. It is tough to get the storage you need when you are sharing a server with another user. Dedicated servers allow you to exclusively use one server for whatever you need. There is a risk of losing bandwidth and storage space to other websites if you use a shared server. Avoid this risk by getting dedicated servers for your online business.
  3. Dedicated servers provide security for your data. Dedicated servers normally have 24/7 customer support. You can be sure that there will be someone to assist you when you have problems with your server.
  4. Dedicated servers provide large amounts of storage space and higher bandwidth giving you more control and flexibility on what you want to do with your website. Your site can still run fluidly even if you install a lot of programs, upload high resolution photos, or have a lot of website traffic.
  5. Dedicated servers also allow you to have full control of what you want to do with your website.

These are some of the benefits you can get from using dedicated servers. Using this type of server can help you manage and improve your online business.

How to Find the Best Web Hosting Company

best web hosting company
Web hosting is important because it provides you with the data you need to keep your website running. It makes your site accessible to billions of Internet users worldwide. Without good web hosting, your site will never be able to reach your intended audience.

Now that you know how important web hosting is, you must be wondering how you can find the best web hosting company. You cannot just pick any web hosting company. You must make your search and research thorough. The web hosting company you choose will determine how much traffic your site can take and how much data it can store. Web hosting is a vital element when it comes to building traffic, storing data, and accessing your website.

How can you find the best web hosting company?
Finding the best web hosting company can be a challenge especially if you do not know what you are looking for. Here are some tips that can help you figure out which is the best web hosting company:

  1. Look for a web hosting company that provides you with a variety of hosting services. There are different kinds of web hosting for all kinds of sites. There is a dedicated server for websites that require large amounts of data and high traffic. And just like there is hosting for small ecommerce websites, there also is cro shopify for those ecommerce websites which help in focussing on sales. Browse through the options offered by your prospective web host provider and find out if they offer what you need.
  2. To find the best web hosting company compare and contrast the companies on your list. Find out the pros and cons of the web hosting companies that are on your short list. Compare prices and find out if the price is within your budget and at the same time offers you the best hosting.
  3. You can find the best hosting company for your needs by doing research. Researching about the hosting company you are eyeing will give you the insight you need before you make a choice. Doing prior research will help you navigate through sales talk and make the right decision based on your needs.
  4. You can filter out the best hosting company by its track record. Look for reviews and customer feedback to determine how they handle their customers and what kind of service they offer. The feedback of other customers will show you if the hosting company you are eyeing is worth spending money on.

These are some of the tips you can follow to help you find the best hosting company based on what you need. There are numerous web hosting companies vying for customers online. You can find the perfect hosting company by doing your own research, knowing what type of hosting you need, comparing different companies, and reading customer feedback.
It is of utmost importance you get the best hosting for your site. The hosting you get will determine how fast your site loads and how many visitors can access your website. Without the right hosting, your site will lose website traffic and fall out of the radar of your target market.

What you should know about Shared Hosting

what you should know about shared hosting
For most people looking for web hosting, the best option is shared hosting.  This type of hosting has many advantages and the higher one is the cost.
It is much cheaper compared to host your site on a VPS or dedicated server.
You can find a hosting plan that fits your needs, even if it’s for a personal site or for a small or medium business.

Shared hosting is also good for hosting companies. They can host tens or even hundreds of websites on a single server. This means less maintenance and repair for them, which means cheap hosting for you.  Before choosing to host your site on a shared hosting plan ensure that your hosting company uses the latest generation servers with high processing power.  Your host should be able to grow with your needs and to support enlargement and congestion of your site.

Find a host with 24×7 phone number (not just email) and call before signing the contract to evaluate the quality of support.

One thing you must be sure, if the web hosting company you decided to go with uses their own servers and is not a reseller for another company.
Resellers are not always the best choice because they are intermediaries, and when a problem arises and you have to contact them, in return they contact the real host. This will take more time to fix your issues. In addition resellers have no real control over the server.

Anyway it’s a great idea to make a backup of your site at least weekly. In case something unexpected happens you are on the safe side.
For example: the server where your site is hosted may crash or sometimes if the worst scenario your hosting company goes bankrupt.

Always make sure that you have full control over your domain name, this way in case something happens you can easily move your site to another host.
Another fact about shared hosting is that other sites are hosted on the same server, all sites share the same IP address and use the same server resources. Usually companies that provide shared hosting supervise how many resources each user can use.
It may happen that your site suffers when other websites hosted on the same server as yours use more resources than allocated. If the web hosting company does not take the necessary measures in time then your site may suffer backdown time for minutes or even hours.

Overall shared hosting is a good solution to start with but support offered makes a difference between a good shared hosting and a bad one