How to Manage Multiple WordPress Websites

The task of managing multiple WordPress websites is quite tedious and challenging. Without object-oriented structures in place, managing WordPress can prove to be overwhelming. Websites require constant updating of plug-ins and themes in addition to undertaking other assignments such as moderating comments. Naturally, this requires constant swapping between various websites as well as log in and out. This is naturally time-consuming but with the various services, managing these websites is doable and effectively too.

Thankfully, various services have been designed to make it less complicated to manage a number of WordPress sites without hitches. The services include:

1.CMS Commander

CMS commander is one of the most robust multiple WordPress websites management because it not only manages different sites but also ensures that you do not have to worry about links such as premiums add-ons that might put you at loggerheads with your clients. Another outstanding feature of the CMS commander is the fact that it comes with an in-built platform that makes it easier to manage bulk content.


Save Time On Your Daily Management Tasks. In CMS Commander dashboard you have all your sites in easy reach and can control them in bulk with only a few clicks.

In summary, here are the features that a webmaster can expect from CMS Commander:

  • Cloning and restoration for websites
  • Single clicks updates for themes
  • Auto content and bulk contents
  • Analytics integration and uptime monitoring for websites
  • Automatic backups for WordPress

2. InfiniteWP

This service is loved by many webmasters as it proactively manages a handful of websites.
Paying the whole sum fee for the plugins might initially come across as expensive but if you compare this to what others offer at a monthly fee, you will realize that the plugins
are actually cheaper.


InfiniteWP is a self-hosted, freely-available multiple WordPress management platform that simplifies your WordPress management tasks into a simple click of a button.

The good news is that if you do not need to use the plugins, you could opt for the free
version, which can handle unlimited sites, and allow you to login to all of them at the same
time. If you have any unutilized domain or sub domain, you can go ahead and incorporate
the php application in a subfolder in your preferred site. This service is supported by the
back-up plugin, the schedule plugin, the clone and optimizes plugin.
In addition, the infinite WP gives users the option to include as many
add-ons as they possibly can.

3.  ManageWP

This software allows you to create a dashboard for your various websites at no extra cost.
Unlike the Infinite WP, this service makes it easier for you to install plugins and themes
without necessarily hosting various premium features on an ftp server.
In addition, the ManageWP does not demand for an ftp address for each website
that you run.

ManageWP  is very secure because all operations running on your site have a worker plugin,
which ensures that all your sites maintain their privacy and security.
In addition, the Manage WP does not hold any classified information of your website.


ManageWP is a tool for managing multiple WordPress websites from one dashboard with many cool features like scheduled backups, clone, migration and scheduled backups.

Some clients find it better to integrate the ManageWP with the Infinite WP
because both services enhance the overall performance.
The ManageWP addresses most of the issues that other services have been reluctant to
address and has an unlimited offer.
Naturally, this service comes with a higher pricing structure than the InfiniteWP for
those running multiple sites.
The ManageWP  is therefore ideal if you are only running a few websites.

4. iControlWP

This service has a dozen of features. For instance, the main dashboard allows you to carry
on manual updates and filter the comments. Some of the features of this service include
a malware scanner, instant backups, automated update and bulk operations for each
This service is supportive, it provides your websites with protection, and the total
monitoring that each one of them deserves.
The best part about this service is that it can support any and as many hosting providers
as you wish regardless of geographical location.


Securely Manage All Your WordPress Sites from one powerful control panel. Update, optimise, secure, and backup all your WordPress sites from 1 place.

Unlike the other WP services, the iControl WP does not run public support forums. In addition, iCWP allows you to sign up for a free trial and have as many of your questions answered by the experts.

5. WP Remote

This software has stable configuration options at a very affordable price. In addition, the service allows you to create backups in each website. This service allows you to run different projects while offering you solutions to manage different websites effectively.


WP Remote allows you to monitor and manage your WordPress sites from a single, easy to use dashboard. Features include updates, backups and audit logging

6. WP Pipeline

WP Pipeline is a plugin that allows you to manage and control various websites. It has unique features that give you the ability to categorize some websites into various sections, user administration, and backups as well as automated updating. Unfortunately, this service does not fully give satisfactory assistance, as it does not have the option of testing the plugin.


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