Managed WordPress Hosting – The perfect fit ?

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

For a business to succeed in this modern world of the internet, having an efficiently run website is of utmost importance. A well maintained online presence can take the business to the next level and ensures that the business grows from strength to strength. Maintaining the internet security issues and content on the website is incredibly complicated and time consuming task. In order to make the task easy, hiring the services of a managed WordPress hosting from the Devio website is always beneficial. It helps the website owner in maintaining the online presence and providing the best services to its customers at reasonable prices.

With the help of WordPress hosting, a business owner gets the comfortable experience, and can concentrate on the proper running of the business. For a small business owner or for a high traffic website, managed WordPress hosting is the best solution. For various themes and other forms of help regarding marketing and web design you can click on and contact MangoMatter.

Advantages of managed WordPress hosting

  • Website Speed: The speed of the website is one of the major notable features in the WordPress site. The loading time of the website has a direct correlation with the conversion rate of the new visitor into the permanent customer. It also affects the search engine rankings. WordPress hosting use the content delivery networks to maintain the speed of the site.
  • Superb and Reliable security: As the platform of WordPress hosting is created and managed by the professionals with a complete understanding of firewalls, it is very much secure. It helps in protecting the site from any malware attack and ensures the continuous working of the website and easily accessible to the users.
  • Good uptime: It ensures no unscheduled downtimes and guarantees with a 99.9% uptime. The users can enjoy the unlimited storage space, even at the peak times when the resources run low.
  • Professional and timely support: The staff of the providers of WordPress web hosting ensures that their client gets the best round the clock technical support. It aims at resolving the issue of the client within minimum time. As the technical team focuses only on the managed WordPress web hosting so there are many chances of getting the best web solution.
  • Automatic and Regular updates: With managed WordPress hosting, the user doesn’t have to be anxious about the updates, as managed WordPress web hosting do it automatically and on a frequent basis. So the business owners have enough time to concentrate on other aspects of the business.
  • Backups on a daily basis: The robust backup service available through managed WordPress hosting is bound to restore the system back to the working order, if something unfortunate happens to the website. To prevent the loss of the web content, the service of nightly WordPress backup is provided by managed WordPress hosting.

Disadvantages of Managed WordPress hosting

Though there are many advantages of Managed WordPress web hosting, but still there is always two sides of the coin and same is the case with the WordPress  website hosting. Here are some of the common disadvantages of managed WordPress hosting.

  • High price: Managed WordPress hosting is considerably more expensive as compared to other share hosting. It is the main drawback of managed WordPress hosting.
  • Limitation: Managed WordPress hosting is limited to only WordPress websites.
  • Less control: The user does not have the full control of the website as most of the technical things are managed by the management service providers.

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