How to Speed up your Internet Connection for a better Gaming Experience

What do online gamers hate the most when playing?

Angry-video-game-player-via-Shutterstock-615x345Is it:

  • A. Better Skilled Opponents?
  • B. Unfair Micro transaction policies?
  • C. Forgetting to pay the Subscription fee ?
  • D. Lag?

The Answer is D. Lag.
The other answers are not necessarily things that gamers are not truly annoyed at. But any gamer can outlast a better skilled opponent, Micro transactions can be handled by a bits of extra cash while a forgetting to pay the subscription fee might just be a wake up call for your game addiction, or you just might be irresponsible.

But Lag is something not a lot of gamers have control of, Lag can be caused by other gamers in the server, too much people using your bandwidth or simply not enough bandwidth. The thing with Lag is that it isn’t within a gamer’s grasp to control, which is a concept that is rather hard for any gamer to accept since they spend their time controlling one or even millions of characters for the sake of entertainment or maybe better human development.
Lag can also be caused by bad servicing from the servers of the game itself, which can sometimes cause a player to drop the game completely.

But how do Players avoid lag?
Well some do acquire dedicated internet routers for their gaming experiences only. Others shut off other programs or prevent other people from accessing their internet connection. Akin to shutting off programs, other gamers would stop downloads, updates and of course disconnect their smart phones. In short a gamer will do a lot to avoid lag. The term “Lag Kills” actually has a literal meaning, since Lag can get you killed in any online game.

But the above mentioned solutions to avoiding lag can be somewhat troublesome, costly or might not even help at all. These solutions are rather situational. So how can a gamer best avoid such a predicament?

Through a VPN of course. A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which functions as an imitation or an extension of the internet. A VPN works by using a number of separate servers that are all connected through the internet, one such provider of this service is IPVanish VPN.

While it is definitely designed for employee networking, school networking, gamers can also use the VPN services of IPVanish  as a way to improve gaming speed.
IPVanish allows this by consolidating bandwidth into a dedicated set of servers and connecting it to the internet. Your data is considered safe in these passages as it keeps the settings of the extended network. When gaming, IPVanish  will not only protect your network from cheaters or hackers but of course improve speed. An improved internet connection would definitely give you an edge over other gamers. Speed is everything, as while they suffer a millisecond or even more of lag you’re already training that modified ACOG M4 down the throat of your unsuspecting opponent who is still cursing at the fact his gun is still aimed at the grass.

Very few people know that IPVanish offers great deals and IPVanish coupons to attract more customers to their business.

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